Making a Prompt My Own – Clone Wars

The Daily Prompt was: If you could clone yourself how would you split up your responsibilities?

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Hi, it’s me, Other Mary, and here’s my quick take on cloning.  The first thing to remember when cloning is, look out for the mad scientist who is trying to take over the world. The next thing is that one starts with cells, to embryo, to baby, and so on.  Cloning does not instantly produce an exact replica of the person being cloned.

So, basically I would start out having the other me, hmmmm…that makes it the other, Other Mary take care of things like crawling, eating dirt, urping up and charming little old ladies.  Meanwhile I, Other Mary, would continue to do things like earning money, writing, drinking wine, driving, and now changing diapers too, I guess.

But as soon as Other, Other Mary was old enough I would have her take over the blog design, posting and social media.  You may have noticed by now that I’m not a very techie person, but Other, Other Mary would grow up with all this technology and be a real “gadget girl.”  I’m sure of it.  So, I would still write the amazingly funny, poignant, thoughtful, non-PC, brilliant, and/ or ridiculous posts, while Other, Other Mary would take care of pingbacks and widgets and tweets all the blogging stuff I haven’t learned yet!

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19 thoughts on “Making a Prompt My Own – Clone Wars

  1. Ah, as a writer, what a wonderful idea. Number One versions of us can stay in writer caves, creating, whilst Number Twos (excuse my phrase) go into the world, signing books, talking at festivals, social networking, and generally jumping up and down shouting ‘Read me, read me!’
    I feel a post coming on…

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