Why I Haven’t Blogged Yet

So this morning I made my “To Do” List.  It’s Saturday, so I get to stay in my pj’s in my favorite chair with Otis (my little dog, who is convinced he’s human).  From here I will:

  • -Read/edit manuscript
  • -Write blog post
  • -Read other Blogger 101 blogs
  • -Check email
  •  -Pay bills
  • -Drink coffee (well, this isn’t exactly on the list, but…you know)

So I start out with my coffee and my Otis and a manuscript from a friend who asked me to read and give feedback. When I start reading I feel immediately guilty/envious, because I should have hundreds of pages of my novel written, but no.  So, I mentally flog myself for a few minutes, then begin reading and scribbling comments till Hubby wakes up.  Then we talk for a bit, he goes to work (poor him) and I get more coffee and start my computer. I’m about to begin writing that blog post, but first I have to turn on yahoo chat, just to see if my friend from China made it back yet (she was visiting me in DC last week).  And I’ll quickly check my email and facebook.

I’m only going to check facebook for important messages, but of course I get sucked into reading posts, finding that my chakra is third eye, and the dog I am most like is a bulldog. And of course I have to watch the video of “Pilates for wine drinkers”, because I drink wine and do Pilates. And my friend from China is back, and she’s online, so I have to say hello and see how her trip was.  Then, noting (thanks to my fb feed) its Anais Nin’s birthday, I look up some of her poetry. Wow, she’s amazing.

But, back to the blog.  Oh – the little star in the corner is orange!  Some activity! So, look at that, comment back to that person.  Then see something interesting in their list of blogs they follow, and check it out. And it’s a travel blog, talking about Airbnb, so I spend half an hour looking at places in Sedona and Santa Fe for the trip I want to take, someday.

Now, on the third cup of coffee, I’d better go to the bathroom! (Ok, maybe that doesn’t deserve an exclamation point, but I digress.)  So, once in the bathroom I look in the mirror and think to myself, “Self, you should shower.” So I do.  And then I moisturize, ‘cause I’m not getting any younger. And then I look at the floor, and hmmm… it’s a small bathroom so it doesn’t take long at all to wash up the floor.  And I might as well clean the rest of the bathroom while I’m at it.

Ok, so that’s done.  And now it’s after 10:00.  I really should get dressed, even though it’s the weekend – just in case anyone comes over; though no one ever comes over. But if I don’t get dressed this will be the one day someone comes over. And then Otis needs to go out. And I really should take him for a walk.  So I do.

But now – now I will sit down and write.  And here I am at the kitchen table with my laptop, but I look over and see the counter hasn’t been wiped off. That just takes a second, so I quickly do it.  And then I go through the mail sitting there.  And there is a receipt that should go in the tax folder. I have to do that now, or it will get lost. Ok, and I’ll just put the coffee cups in the dishwasher and start it. And I’ll wipe the sink, and maybe just sweep up the floor, there always seems to be a bit of dog hair and a few crumbs.

And it just sort of keeps going like this.  Which is why I have nothing written for my blog today, but next week when I’m having friends over for dinner with the house a mess,  and the food half prepared, I’ll have a brilliant post for you!