Confessional Poem

Bless me Father
for I have sinned.
My last confession was
in a previous life;

before I became
the apple of your eye

before I had
knowledge of good and evil

before I knew
any serpent
in the biblical sense

before I cried
alone in the garden

before I became
the lamb
the sacrifice

before you opened me
with your lance
and blood and water
flowed out

before thy will
not my will
was done
and over again.

Damn you father
for you have sinned.

Over at Anthony has asked us to write a poetic confession.  I sort of made that into confessional poetry with a twist.  In the interest of full disclosure (which I do not recommend for poets, but am doing anyway) I have never been sexually abused by anyone, clergy or otherwise.  But someone who I love has been, so these are my words about her experience.