Oh Chirstmas Tree

by Mary Bach

by Mary Bach

Looking at 
the Christmas tree
I see the room reflected
in a single, shining ornament,
my childhood hung on the tree

This is for micro-poetry at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.  Click on the link and check it out.


33 thoughts on “Oh Chirstmas Tree

  1. You’ve clinched some big memories for us all – that breathless excitement you feel as a child, the thought that anything is possible, that you could wish it and Father Christmas would come flying through your front window, laden with snow and magic.

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  2. I love it, Mary. So strong, yet tiny, for a fleeting moment it pulls to the literal, your memories, surroundings, and feelings.
    But quickly it pulls the reader into his/her own circumstances. My childhood was bleak, my mother only ever had the one Christmas tree, a table tree made of folded paper. After she died at age 88 and Dad was in a ‘home’ we sold it at auction for well over a hundred dollars.
    Thanks for sharing here and for peeking in on my imprisoned man. He spent the rest of his life in that French prison but only for political and power reasons.

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