Walk with me…

C’mon, this wayDSC07910

past the gateDSC07908

and up on the ridgeDSC07930

now over to the line fenceDSC07925

and look what’s on the other side DSC07931paradise


10 thoughts on “Walk with me…

  1. I loved coming across these photos. They remind me of “home”, a place almost a thousand miles from where I am at this moment. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read here so far, and I hope to be able to spend more time (in between trying to make myself write something daily!) seeing what else you’ve written. Enjoy your day.


    • Thanks very much Bindmoggled. Are you from the Midwest? And good luck with your daily writing – I know that struggle well. I’m traveling just now frequently without internet access, but I hope to be blogging more once I get home. Cheers, and thanks again.


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