Nightmare Lullaby

I am standing in the dark.
Suddenly there is a keyboard
around me
like a corkscrew
reaching up, farther than I can see

The floor is gone.
I am floating
with the black and white keys
spiraling down,
and disappearing
to a

I begin to play.
The tune is discordant
full of dread
but I can’t stop.

I feel the flapping of wings
just beyond my face,
just out of view

When I look down my hands have
turned into knives
stabbing the
keys which
now spurt blood
And still the dreadful
song goes on


Over in the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Bjorn has shown us some nightmarish art and asked us to write about our own nightmares.  Click on the link and check it out.



I was supposed to be in Hawaii, 
I was stranded in the Seattle airport
with three lovely people
listening to a band called
Champagne Sunday.
The singer had three shades of pink in her hair,
and a voice…
The music was the kind touches the heart
breaks it
and puts it back together.
The sun shone like a blessing
and we could see Mt. Rainier through the glass wall

We were supposed to be in Hawaii,
but we were meant to be here.


This is for Prompt Nights with the lovely Sanaa Rizvi. I am very late to the party, but  you still have time to check it out.