And Yet…

atonement letter

“… inspiration stalks us / through gloom” –Hilda Doolittle

Our lives are spent
chasing dark, smoky dreams
that end in
compromised alleys
filled with expired promises
that hang
for a moment,
then dissipate in
the fading light
of another lost day
Raw, indifferent winds
blow crumpled
wisps of paper
with our secret antidote:

Tenuous, transitory
and yet we

These 55 words are for Kerry and the rest of the Toads in the Imaginary Garden.  It is also linked to Magpie Tales where Tess provided picture “Atonement Letter.”  Click on the links and check both of them out.

48 thoughts on “And Yet…

  1. Keeping on hoping, that’s us. First hope is a call, second is that the phone number on your paper is right. But now, in the Seven Minute Dating world, the last exchange will be getting those numbers, or URL’s in the iPads. Hope will be a return text or tweet.
    Also, Mary, I like the car in the picture’s background, too abstract though to tell if it was an old Ford or other. 🙂

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    • That’s interesting. I’ve run across Pandora (well, mention of her, not HER actually) several times in the last week. And who could see that cool box and not peek inside? Heheh, thanks.


  2. This was amazing, dark, yet with a glimmer of light.
    I’ve always been criticized because my writing is either very dark or completely ridiculous.
    This is because my life has been rather dark, but the ridiculousness keeps me from going under.
    Thank you for writing this!

    Cie from poetryofthenetherworld dot blogspot dot com

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