For the Birds

How do you deal
with the guilt that comes
from splitting
a finite pie of time
to feed the infinite needs
of all the people
depending on you,
like a siege of herons
mouths open
greedy, starving
for your

oh selfless one
at the end of the stories
in The Picture Book of Saints
the martyrs

This is linked to dVerse Poets Pub, even though it doesn’t really have anything to do with birds, where De asked us to write something including one or more of the interesting names for groups of birds.

42 thoughts on “For the Birds

  1. I have seen documentaries of the mother birds relentlessly feeding the young & hungry babies ~ It can be quite exhausting ~ We mothers should have our own me-time to nurture ourselves too ~

    Thanks for joining us other Mary ~

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  2. Your response has an edge of personal plea, & the prompt had no specific restricting parameters, so your piece works well. My souse is retiring this year (from teaching), & she does amaze me as wife, mother, & grandmother, (with 7 grandchildren now). Everyone wants her time; flattering but exhausting for sure.

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  3. YES. The ones that don’t have anything to do with birds are my favorites. The words are just all so lovely, such an inspiration. I’m glad you found one that spoke to you. And I have known this feeling well. Well done.

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  4. Very concise an poignant, I can relate to this. Here in MA, more likely to find a colony of gulls before a siege of herons, even inland! Any way you look at it, hopefully when we martyrs die we will be first in line to gain our own wings. Nice capture, Mary. Hoping the birds aren’t peckin’ and squawkin’ too much in your neck of the woods these days.

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  5. Hi again.. the other Mary..
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    anyway.. thanks again..
    The Other Mary.. you have
    always been a very nice person..
    whenever i visit you// and i appreciate
    that very much my friend.. God Bless..:)

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