Sevenling (Deep Chocolate Bass)

Artist: Claudia Schoenfeld   Used with Permission


Deep chocolate bass
strawberry studded percussion
with creamy vanilla coronet

Romulus, Remus and I
We were just fiddling around,
working on our Neapolitan jam

Who let the dogs in?


This is a little fun for dVerse Poets Pub.  Click on the link and check it out.


15 thoughts on “Sevenling (Deep Chocolate Bass)

  1. Just as my senses began to in the flavors of ice cream, and I began to sit back and relax, the last line pulled me back. And this experience reminds me if those times when I thought I had time for myself and then my baby wakes up and cries. 😊

    So I say, you established the mood very well here.

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