Brownian Motion

Red Oak pollen from the Department of Environmental Conservation

Organisms move
in a seemingly random dance
and people in our lives
enter and leave
at unknown intervals

There is a day
when leaves begin to turn
and geese fill the sky
with their southerly dance
and the sun bows down
ever earlier

Blind and deaf,
we do not see
the pattern of the steps
or hear the music
but only feel its beat
reverberating through our bodies

This is for the Imaginary Garden, where Bjorn asked us to write something about Brownian Motion, which he explained  as, “which is the random motion of particles suspended in a fluid that can be observed through a microscope.”

8 thoughts on “Brownian Motion

  1. I like the way you have approached the topic from an oblique angle, where human experience is the focus rather than the science. Your phrasing is very well done.

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  2. I really like all three stanzas, but the first one is the one that speaks to me.
    “…the people our lives
    enter and leave
    at unknown intervals”
    Something I have known from an early age, and yet in those few lines with regard to a “random dance” just seemed to grasp the concept of it all. Nicely captured, my friend!

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