Days are dark
waters are rising
yet the world is burning
as we are being led
140 characters at a time
into the mouth
of the fire

False prophets promise
haven as they
steal the ground
from beneath our feet and
our dreams

Turns out
the small-fisted, would-be emperor
is both naked and blind.

This is for Hedgewitch’s memorial FF55 at Verse Escape.


6 thoughts on “Nightmare

  1. This hits the nail in our collective coffin right on the head, Mary. A perfect set-up in the opening for a middle stanza which is chilling and succinct, and the final line has that kind of black humor we need to survive all this upheaval and damage. I am so happy you chose to play, and found the words–we need them more now than ever. Oh, and be sure to do your best to have a kickass weekend. 😉

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