There is a time
closer to night than morning
when parties fall
into ruin
and the moon wearies

There is a time
when dreams are forgotten
and shades
lose their way 

There is a time
when the clock
gives up its hands
and the hours pool
on the ground
running to regret

This is my time

This is for my friend Joy’s FF55 revival at Verse Escape, even though it’s not Friday, and if you’re counting, there aren’t 55 words.


6 thoughts on “Mid-Night

  1. I love the measured progression of this, how it takes us into the dark, then strikes a light. There is no single line to point to–each one works in sympathy with others for an organic whole. I am so glad to see(and be able to read) you writing, and to have you along on our kickass weekend ride, Mary. Definitely not too late to that party. ;_)

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