Autumnal Equinox – FF55


Light and shadows dance
through the ages
flashing, winking, spinning

And now the time begins
when shadows enfold the light
when we turn
to darker thoughts
with shorter days
and colder nights
when blossoms are spent
and fruits have ripened

The growing season is over
prepare your garden
prepare your soul
winter is on the way

This is for Joy, who has resurrected FF55 at Verse Escape.  Go there and see what it’s all about.  (Photo is by me.)


14 thoughts on “Autumnal Equinox – FF55

  1. Yes, fall seems to be here early and with a vengeance, in all it represents, change, endings, the subsidence of life into dormancy, all of which symbolizes for me a larger picture of current times as well. I especially like the short, clean phrases that paint with both dark and light both the shadow of loss, and the sense of continuity and persistence that is life, transitioning from the first stanza’s dance to the warning of what comes. Thanks so much for playing, Mary, and I hope your weekend is as kickass as ever it was.

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    • Thank you, Joy. I appreciate your thoughtful responses so much. But, if you ever get overwhelmed please feel free to just stop by and say hey (or click a button) and continue on your way. I have always been drawn to fall and winter, and all they encompass, no idea why.


  2. Love the rhythm and the imagery, the way the Wheel of the Year shakes her hips from line to line until it reaches winter. This would make a glorious harvest song. I can imagine myself singing it, dancing to it, as we gather that the land has given… 🙂

    Happiest Friday 55!

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  3. A month ago I started to notice the trees in the ‘hood started to change, it will take me a couple of months to prepare the soil of my soul and the broken bone barometer which is my body for the seasonal changes–Autumn in Michigan is a strange thing; like a rubber ball it bounces constantly back and forth between summer and fall.

    I love your work here Mary, me being me, I went to the metaphor first. Winter has been rising since November of last year.

    Be Well and Kick Ass.

    The Walking Man

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