Stepping into Darkness

We step into darkness
both knowing
and not knowing
that we know nothing

With hands
feeling along cave walls
we come to
an opening
eyes wide
but unseeing
breeze whispers
at our cheek
we only

What oceans, fields, forests
does it carry?
What skies
has it traveled through
to touch us?

This is for Joy’s resurrection of Friday 55 at her remarkable blog, Verse Escape.


2 thoughts on “Stepping into Darkness

  1. This is very alive and real to the eye and ear; I can picture myself in that darkness, eyes closed, for seeing is not done there with the eyes…beautiful, and hopeful, too, Mary. Sorry to get here so late–I had a day off the comp, because I was somehow involved in trying to have a kickass weekend. 😉 I hope the same was true for you, and thanks so much for playing.

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