Well, Well

There is a well of darkness
in the center of my chest
deep and steep-sided

I throw in a penny
then sprinkle it with tears
for all my wishes that
can never be

It’s so simple, really
falling and falling
and finally hitting bottom

Then I reach down
and draw out
a dipper-full of stars


This is for Joy, who has resurrected the Flash Friday 55 tradition started by the late, great Galen Hayes.  Check it out at Verse Escape.


7 thoughts on “Well, Well

  1. This has a real feeling of how things are for me–I’ve thrown a lot of pennies down that well…I love the title, also. Sometimes falling is the only way to go. Thanks so much Mary, for bringing your 55 through all the Thanksgiving hecticness– it calms the waters.

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    • Thank you Joy. Thanksgiving was not a good holiday for my family this year. My daughter’s cat had to be euthanized Friday after, and was pretty miserable for a few days before. We are all pretty sad and subdued here. As always, thank you for doing the FF55. Galen would be/is so pleased (depending on your personal view of the afterlife). I don’t think I have the heart to read everyone else’s this time. Hopefully by next week things will be looking up.


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