Cat Tale

DSCN0111 (2)                                                                                      -Photo by Mary Bach

It is amazing how a little pile
of fur and bones
of whiskers and purrs
can claim a human heart
can fill a human heart

how its suffering
can break
a human heart
and call from the human
both her best and her worst
and how completely
that human can


This is in memory of Frank, my daughter’s cat who left us November 24 of this year.  It is linked to Joy’s FF55 at Verse Escape, with a nod to the late, great G-Man.


14 thoughts on “Cat Tale

  1. This brought a tear, Mary. Love is always amazing, when it is as pure as this. You know I lost my beloved dog Chinook this summer, and I still feel all those things you describe. Sympathies for Frank, and many thanks for adding your 55 to the mix.

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  2. Beautiful… This puts into words what I couldn’t express at the time. We had our sweet Sukoshi pass away on November 25th – I can remember feeling her all warm and soft against me with her purrs so deep they filled the room. So sad when they suffer. So sad when they’re gone.

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