Wandering through
this dark, cold night
we stumble over
stones in the path
stones thrown in anger
stones that could build walls
stones that could break bones
stones that could bring down giants
or stones that waited in secret pockets
stones that sat in collections, on shelves

that may once have been
our hearts

IMG_4010 (2)

This is for Hedgewitch’s Friday 55 at Verse Escape.


4 thoughts on “Turned

  1. Yes, the last line is the perfect twist, the perfect dash of salt in the wound…I especially like the secret pockets, where the stone waits for the thing that will finally bring it out–anger, love, as in sharing, or even the last defense? No telling, which is what makes this so satisfying. Thanks Mary, for this and for everything over the years, and may the New Year shine a bit brighter for all of us.

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