it is the best of times
it is the worst of times
the market is up
integrity down

a nation stands by as
it is shamed, scammed and flimflammed
used and refused

is this insanity
to keep us from seeing
the man behind the curtain
or are we being led
to the precipice
in earnest?

This is a fashionably late entry for the amazing Hedgewitch and herFriday 55 at Verse Escape.

4 thoughts on “Curtains

  1. Mary, I so know the feeling in this–we go to bed and wake up with them, yet they never seem to get more handle-able. Shamed, scammed, and flimflammed indeed. Glad you could kick a little poetic ass this weekend,Mary, and thanks for playing–that is more than enough. (As you know, there are NO visiting requirements or other strings to the 55–it’s for writing, and for Galen.)

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  2. I live in the UK Mary, but than man worries the hell out of me – I don’t think he has an internal stop-button, narcissist that he is.
    Fingers crossed he never presses that other button…
    Anna :o]

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