Early Riser

This morning
I was on
my fourth cup of coffee
when the sun
showed his face

Three a.m. monster
came to visit

The night before
it was
that jolted me, terrified
from sleep

But I think
the monsters
are worse

At least
I can wake up
from the nightmares

This is for Friday 55 at Verse Escape where Hedgewitch keeps alive the tradition and memory of the G-man.


11 thoughts on “Early Riser

  1. Ah, Mary–have so been there, so many times, and lately, the monsters are bigger and badder than ever…I agree, at least nightmare yields to daylight. So glad you could play, and contribute to the kickass quality of the weekend with your excellent 55.


  2. Your words resonate Mary.
    My (might be) monster might delay sleep, but when sleep comes, it is restful.
    My fear is my (might be) monster becomes a daytime nightmare…
    Nevertheless, hope springs eternal.
    Anna :o]

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