Letter to My Love

I love you
you have
in with
the wrong crowd
They don’t care
about you
or your children

in shiny suits
lie and call it truth

With fast talk and small words
They steal your treasures
your reputation
your dignity

Orange is the new
black and blue

I weep for you


This is written for Verse Escape and for dVerse.


26 thoughts on “Letter to My Love

  1. Yes, I know conservatives think they are the only ones who love this country, but who could be raised here, travel across her face, know the freedom she gives us, and not love her? That she is kidnapped by the current bunch of thugs is one of the saddest things I’ve ever had to watch. A resonant, strong 55, Mary. Thanks so much for participating.

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    • Thank you Joy. I just imagine Woody Guthrie and Bob LaFollette and so many other good people must be turning in their graves. And our beloved Bernie keeps on fighting the good fight. He and the Florida high school kids are keeping me from despair just now.


  2. It is definitely hard to watch from the outside. Things are very different here in Canada. I think when people identify each other so strongly by their political party, then the focus on what’s important is lost.

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    • Maybe that’s the problem. I feel so… terrible about things here. I am mortified when I think of how we must look to the rest of the world. Arrogant and hate-filled, and really, really stupid. That’s not who most (I hope it’s most) of us want to be.


      • I believe you and feel for you. I think it is a mentality or identity passed down and also highly politics. Here in Canada we tend to be less political in our thinking. Not identified by who we vote for (actually we usually do not even share it with others). We also change our minds from year to year based on who’s running instead of being so loyal to a particular group. More freedom in our thinking.

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      • We can get Fox news here by satellite and cable so no, not true. However , there have been issues with them reporting incorrect information about events in Canada. Also, some here would say their reporting is way too hyped up, stretched, dramatic, assuming.

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  3. So sad to read about the state of your country. I pray that some major changes are coming your way and that love for the children and all things that dignity and freedom stand for, comes back to the forefront.

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