6. Inscrutable


The inscrutable face
behind the mask
holds all
things in
all people out

legal issues
to sort through

no fuss
in its proper place

the curtain
pulling strings

a reflection
of an empty room
an empty space
an empty life
an empty face
behind the mask

This is linked to Verse Escape, FF55 and the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.
The image is an Elizabeth Arden advertising photo by Aldoph de Meyer, 1927, Fair Use>


20 thoughts on “6. Inscrutable

  1. No
    legal issues
    to sort through

    — oh, that is so cold, so cold – and curious – and delicious!
    I like the de/constructed vision here, in this piece, the syncopation of the words, equal to the starkness of the image.
    Fascinating interpretation of the image and 55.

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  2. kaykuala

    Only a reflection
    of an empty room
    an empty space…..

    There has to be an explanation and perhaps valid reasons for doing so. Keeps one guessing, Mary!


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  3. When all focus is on the exterior…. Reminds me of a time when I was a young mum, when I was fitting in three hours of figure exercises a day, which were supposed to reshape my body closer to society’s ideal. I did lose weight and get toned – then I realised I was leaving no time for intellectual and spiritual life (in short, for life) so I decided I could put up with an imperfect body after all.

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  4. Yes, Mary, I can see what you have shown in this portrait – one face has elicited many angles indeed. I like your take on the uses of the mask.

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  5. I always look forward to seeing what you do with the 55, Mary, and this time you have crafted something which appears very straightforward and simple, but like the face behind the mask, is a lot more complicated than the smooth exterior leads one to expect. Is it a form of protection, that featureless perfection, that unresponsive expression, or is it the ultimate human void which can allow anything to fill it, leaving nothing of itself to show? I especially like the structure here of short clipped phrases. Thanks so much for joining us at the 55, and for what of it is left, have a kickass weekend with no masks.

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