Sometimes I feel
as if my mother’s story
got lost

She was
an only child
and that singularity
is a two-sided beast

Of course it allowed her
the freedom
to tell her story
any way she liked
without contradiction
or interruption

But it also left her
with the burden
of carrying that story alone


This is for Hedgie, keeper of Galen’s Friday 55, at Verse Escape.


9 thoughts on “Mom

  1. Lots of insight here, Mary. I don’t think it’s possible to really understand our parents, unless of course, they are so much like us it’s obvious. Every gift is also a burden, too, isn’t it, though here, it seems a process which births a self. So glad you could add your 55 this week, Mary. Thanks for playing and please have a most kickass weekend.

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  2. the ending is the real telling isn’t it? to create and paint and wear any coat of any colours as “an only” – how unrestricted and freeing, yet,how lonely is this as well? wow …. you’ve captured this complexity very well Mary.

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