Today is unseasonably warm
The shed wall is thick with Asian beetles
We’ve had once-in-a-century floods
the past three years.

Running through my brain,
insistent as an unfed cat,
is the thought
this isn’t right

Is it too early to panic
or too late?

This is in response to  dVerse Poets,  whose writing prompt is a quadrille (44 words) including the word ‘early’.


13 thoughts on “Changes

  1. I like the stress of the very creative tension by the lines “insistent as an unfed cat” – this really is startling – but works so well to convey the “nagging” unease and pointed “distraction” – for the wondering, what’s going on out there, in the world, as nature does these “off-kilter” things ….

    great pacing and observations that you’ve translated in a really new way – and in 44!

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  2. Oh my! When everything is out of kilter, with Asian beetles and floods, it’s probably better to pay attention to the thought that something isn’t right. I love that you describe the thought as ‘insistent as an unfed cat’, Mary! Try not to panic 😉

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  3. Red Passion
    Flowers Waiting
    For Fall Cool Distant
    Here Last Few Autumn
    Summers.. Nearer Here
    in Present.. Close Enough
    in Cold Front Way This Year
    to Bloom NoW And Far Away
    Enough For A Third Strongest
    Low Pressure Hurricane Ever
    In Very Close FL Panhandle
    EarS in Deed

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