The January House

The January halls
are empty;
they echo
with thin, pale memories

The January house
is bare and

There are no tchotchkes
no collections
no trophies
no books
no pictures
to distract the eye,
or absorb the sound
of a single pair
of slippers
through the January halls.

Hollow echoes
off the hard,
bare surfaces.

The January house
stands empty,
to be filled

This is for Imaginary Garden with Real Toads where we are challenged to write something springing from the word hollow.


13 thoughts on “The January House

  1. Hi Mary, new semester coming? That was one of my loves of teaching, a fresh beginning, old mistakes put aside and time to make it better this time (Better, better, better–Hey Jude).

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  2. January is a waiting-to-be-filled, a bare house awaiting purpose. You do a great job of enunciating that hollow sound. Hard to do because it’s such a resonant emptiness. A little has to say much, which you do.

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