NaPoWriMo #5


is three gems
each one more precious
than the last
Spilled out of
a jeweler’s envelope
to be examined
Past Bertie is bright with surface sparkle
one might even call her gaudy
in an uncharitable moment.
Future Bertie is honed
concentrated to
a single, pure
Present Bertie
has been chiseled
polished and worn
to a clear bright
fire, yet
with substance
comfortable resting
in the palm of one’s hand

This comes from a dream I had last night. My Aunt Kathryn was talking about Bertie, and I wondered if she was a friend or distant relative or even a care-giver. (Aunt Kathryn is 88.) Then she pulled out a small envelope and shook out three largish diamonds, which were somehow the “Bertie” she was talking about.

Is the period on a line by itself too gimmicky? What do you think?