If I could
I would buy
a bottle of confidence.
In fact
I’d take a case
and keep it
in the pantry.
Then as soon as I was
running low
I’d take out
another bottle
and set it
on the counter
where it would be
ready to grab.
But confidence doesn’t
come in bottles.
That would be gin.
And it’s really not
the same thing
at all.

Rain Song

Skies gather, darken
rain falls straight and true.
Its sound
hitting the roof
is a comfort,
my lullaby.

There are dramatic storms
with lightning and thunder,
or showy, flashing sun
but the rain,
the tranquil rain,
sings me to sleep
with its gentle song.

Lillian at dVerse Poets Poets asked us include the word tranquility, or a form of the word, in a quadrille, which is a poem of exactly 44 words, not including the title. 

Noble Dog

Oh dog,

so noble,

out there eating

your own poop

outwitted by cat and bird and squirrel

Oh dog,

so valiant,

frightened by

your shadow, the cat, and thunder

Oh dog,

so hungry,

eating a box of tissues,

most of a couch cushion

and my cell phone

Oh dog,

so sweet,

still a lap dog

at 80 pounds,

licking my face adoringly,

I wouldn’t want you any other way.

(except maybe for the poop eating part)

Enough Yet?

9 – Dayton, OH
20 – El Paso, TX
4 – Gilroy, CA
13 – Virginia Beach, VA
1 – Highlands Ranch, CO
2 – Charlotte, NC
1 – Poway, CA
6 – Aurora, IL
2 – Huston, TX
5 – Ascension Parish and Livingston Parish, LA
5 – Sebring, FL

*Source: Wikipedia, Mass Shootings in U.S. by year

Please note, several of these “mass shootings” resulted in only one death, but were included in the list due to the multiple casualties incurred.  I have only listed the dead.