Rain Song

Skies gather, darken
rain falls straight and true.
Its sound
hitting the roof
is a comfort,
my lullaby.

There are dramatic storms
with lightning and thunder,
or showy, flashing sun
but the rain,
the tranquil rain,
sings me to sleep
with its gentle song.

Lillian at dVerse Poets Poets asked us include the word tranquility, or a form of the word, in a quadrille, which is a poem of exactly 44 words, not including the title. 

7 thoughts on “Rain Song

  1. You’ve reminded me of our tenting camping days. We’ve not done that for many years now but when we did, with our children or by ourselves, I truly loved the sound of the rain coming down on the tent as we were curled up inside in our sleeping bags. And then that refreshed scent of the outdoors as we opened the tent flap in the morning to see the raindrops still glistening on tree leaves. Thanks for the memory — and for posting to the prompt! Have a tranquil day! 🙂

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