Difficulties of Speaking to the Dead…

Between you and me
is an ellipsis
that spans this life
but can’t quite reach the next

All the things I said
that you didn’t hear
and all the things
I didn’t say
but meant to
and now I never can,
for your ears
are filled with earth
and worms
and bugs
and all manner of bacteria
claiming you,
taking you back

And the space grows
between those three dots
past, present, future
time and worlds
and thoughts
and unsaid
fill the space

And yet
it feels so empty

Check out Poets United for more poems in keeping with the season of All Hallows Even and Day of the Dead.


17 thoughts on “Difficulties of Speaking to the Dead…

  1. Mary,

    This is a very depthful poem of love and remembrance. It reminded me so much of my late mother. How much I still miss her voice. The unsaid and the growing gaps in time.
    It truly commemorates the spirits of those who have gone, at this time of the year…

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  2. That is the hard thing – all the things we wish we could say to them….but maybe they can hear. It is worth a try, especially on the day of the dead. Smiles.

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  3. This makes me think of all the things I wish I had said to my mother. Sadly her last years were stolen by Alzheimer’s. Perhaps she hears me now in her place of restoration.

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  4. I relate to this so much. The space between us and the deceased… the words we should’ve said, but didn’t… this poem hits me where I live… at the ellipsis.

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  5. A very clever, nice, way to tell of the space left open with death of someone close. There is a similar one when a close relationship has been breached by one, sans the worms and other stuff that grows.

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