Of Crones and Wolves – The Sunday Muse


I have two responses to this wonderful image by  by Sarolta Ban posted on The Sunday Muse a weekly photo prompt site for writers, poets, and blogging enthusiasts.


Women Who Run with the Wolves, the Later Years


The woodsman did not
save Grandmother
from the wolf

Crones and wolves
have always been

When you think
of treachery and carnage
remember who wields the ax
and who tells the tale

Histories written by victors
always require scrutiny.

Ask around, look beyond
peek behind the curtain
see the other side

What you find
might well surprise you


The Sunday Muse – Dwell Time


Ghosts document my misery
as I stare, unblinking
into the next ring
fumbling for my ticket

I’m caught in ropes of smoke
trapped by the cyclops,
for the image of a thing is the thing
and the image of a soul,
well, you know…

Mirror, mirror on the wall
the next train to Hell
is now boarding
at gate seven.
Please watch your step.

I’m really rusty at this, but I loved the picture, so figured, meh – let’s give it a try. This is for The Sunday Muse , a weekly photo prompt site for writers, poets, and blogging enthusiasts.  Follow the link and check it out.


Communicating with the Dead, in 55

I imagined
communicating with the dead
was shrouded
in mystery

But it’s not

It’s a note
in his handwriting
tucked into a favorite book

it’s the smell of
his closet

it’s the work gloves
still stiff with
the shape of his hands

Communication with the dead
is small, common

pretty much
one way


This is a 55 word version of a longer piece I’ve been noodling with for FF 55 hosted by Hedgewitch, with a tip of the hat to Galen.  Click on the link to go to her blog, Verse Escape, and join the fun!