The Sunday Muse – Dwell Time


Ghosts document my misery
as I stare, unblinking
into the next ring
fumbling for my ticket

I’m caught in ropes of smoke
trapped by the cyclops,
for the image of a thing is the thing
and the image of a soul,
well, you know…

Mirror, mirror on the wall
the next train to Hell
is now boarding
at gate seven.
Please watch your step.

I’m really rusty at this, but I loved the picture, so figured, meh – let’s give it a try. This is for The Sunday Muse , a weekly photo prompt site for writers, poets, and blogging enthusiasts.  Follow the link and check it out.


18 thoughts on “The Sunday Muse – Dwell Time

  1. Bravo! A strong hook in the opening line. I love “the image of thing is the thing and the image of a soul is, well, you know….” Cool to read you at The Muse, kiddo.

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  2. I love this, Mary. I think you got down to the essence of this picture, about the dark feeling of having something taken away from you that it evokes. The metaphors really work, too–I wish I’d thought about the cyclops myself. This whole thought starting with “for the image of the thing is the thing….”–perfect. It’s good to see you writing,always, my friend.

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  3. Mind the gap! 😉

    The idea of ghosts documenting anything pleases me. Nerdy ghosts with clipboards and eyeglasses on chains, observing and compiling data for their weird otherworldly scholarly articles!


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