Hope – 55

Does hope really
have feathers?

Or is it green
and vulnerable
up from the ground?

Or is it a tiny speck of light
like the occasional spot
in a photograph
not visible
through the lens
but there on the image

Or is hope a dark
insubstantial thing
following like a shadow
hunting you down


55 words for Hedgewitch who carries on the proud tradition at Verse Escape.

16 thoughts on “Hope – 55

  1. This really chilled me Mary–that last stanza is one stark and telling reveal. Hope is a twisty thing indeed, and has been manipulated to serve a lot of less than hopeful purposes. I love the spring-off point of the Dickinson lines, and the evolution of change that leads up that ending, as well. Thanks for tossing a 55 into the bottom of Pandora’s box, and have a kickass time on your broom. 😉


  2. Mary,

    I guess hope is an attitude assumed in the moment of need. Your poem is filled with paradoxes, all of them true, or at least possible. I love the thought and the verse.

    I couldn’t publish on your comment section, and thought I’d do it this way.



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