NaPoWriMo – Day #4 Out Foxed


Three foxy fates
stand and wait
guarding the pandemic gate

First, Fever Red
straps you in bed
She pounds a beat inside your head

Then Breathless White
steals your might
and seals your labored lungs up tight

Then Deathly Black
knocks you back
takes your soul, leaves your body slack

These fates are ruthless and badass;
unscathed from COVID, none shall pass

This is for NaPoWriMo and The Sunday Muse. Image by Anatasiya Dobrovolskaya.


26 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo – Day #4 Out Foxed

  1. It is like a chant and gave me goosebumps reading the poetic lines of a certain horror. One of the wonderful things about being a writer is having a creative avenue to vent our hopes thoughts and fears. You have done that wonderfully here. Thanks for joining us Mary! Always a pleasure to read your poetry!

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    • Thank you Carrie. I wrote about three different pieces in response to this striking photo. I think it was the look in the eyes of the women that got me started on this one. Well, that and current affairs.

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  2. Amazing segue from the photo to your very graphic portrayal of Covid-19. Fortunately it is not a death sentence for all who are infected with it ( I wonder what the percentage is). I personally know someone who was very ill with it for 4 weeks, but is on the mend and just passed 14 days fever-free. Nevertheless, your poem is SUPERB!

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    • Thank you so much, Beverly. And I am always happy to hear good news about the current state of affairs. I am happy for you and your friend. In this country though, too many don’t take it seriously enough, and don’t follow the social distancing guidelines.


  3. You did really good with this, Mary. I had been thinking of writing of the COVID 19 but now I won’t have to. Seems most of us are staying away form it. I did write yesterday (Day 3) of the Admiral who was fired for breaking command and going to the top. It took courage and then devotion to his crew to loose his job for then.

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