NaPoWriMo – Day #14 – oops


Where did #13 go?
Is this month of poetry
like a hotel
that just omits
the 13th floor
to ward off bad luck

Or maybe this can
count as my #13
though it’s on the 14th
so I can keep
the string intact,
kind of…

And here is what I am considering #14

I just watched an instructional video
on how to make bread.
The woman demonstrating was
so very excited
about bread,
with her purple countertop and
pink oven gloves

She was casual with the dough
and did not treat it with reverence.
She kept telling me how easy it was
to make my own bread

And she said the dough is forgiving.
You can let it rest for three hours or four,
you can use any kind of flour,
regular, bread, whole wheat anything
and you can add anything to it that you like.
It is a flexible dough, not fussy
or hard to work with

The finished loaf was beautiful
with golden, crisp crust.
Then she cut it open to show
the soft white inside,
light airy, holey

So much more appealing
than the thin wafer
doled out on Sunday mornings


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