NaPoWriMo – Day #17

Somehow my baby
turned thirty
last week

and her big brother
will be thirty-two
next month

Once I thought the
sleepless, pacing nights
would never end

as I carried one
then the other
trying to sing away
and colic

But I closed my eyes
and dozed off
and somehow my baby
turned thirty
last week

This is for Hedgewitch’s FF55 Verse Escape


9 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo – Day #17

  1. Nothing illustrates the passing of time like raising a child or two. This is lovely, Mary, understated yet still very full of real feeling. Thank you for playing, and may your weekend kick ass if at all possible.

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  2. Time waits for none of us – will continue to unfold as it will. And so we grasp tenuously at milestones and mark the special occasions in celebration. I suspect it must seem rather strange to your children as much as it does for you – but then, 30 is still rather young – and filled with all kinds of promise. So perhaps now, more than ever, we begin to understand and appreciate.

    May you continue to mark the moments as they come – with joy and love.

    Be safe and well.

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