Yesterday I saw
that the deer
who comes through the yard
stopped and snacked on
my hosta

leaving nothing but the
central vein of
each leaf, which,
I have learned
is called the rachis

just these
rachises sticking up
where each delicious
blue-green leaf had been

Now the “blue angel”
is nothing
but a cluster of spikes,
unappetizing bits
to a deer

That’s the price
I suppose
for building my home
so close to hers

Photo by Mary Bach


10 thoughts on “Snack

  1. There is a product called Liquid Fence that works wonders. We live on the edge of about two acres of forest, and we have a large water/rock garden. The deer used to feast on our plants until I discovered this stuff. Bear in mind, it smells HORRIBLE, but it truly does work. This year I have two huge pots of coleus on the edge of the garden, and they haven’t touched it once.

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