Endings break my heart


But sometimes

they can’t come

fast enough.

Nothing new can start

until there has been

an ending.

This is not profound

or deep

it’s so simple

we forget


To live

to love

to grow –

we need endings

before we can do any

of these

And without these

we are nothing 


This is my first, last time
trying to undo
all the mistakes of a lifetime
trying to do
all the things left undone

This is the swan song
of the ugly duckling
the sky falling
on the little red hen
when the birds of a feather
flock together against

the outsider

The Sunday Muse – 156

Image from the movie “Northfork”
The voices in my head
all agree it’s 

They whisper
then laugh at me
and my feeble attempts
to navigate through another day
another labyrinthian set of interactions

with my fellow humans.
Why is it so difficult?
How can I find the courage
yet again
to face each one,
when every 

every conversation,
is a pit with sharpened sticks
waiting for me to fall
and impale myself upon them?

Others don’t even notice 
the red, neon signs
that begin blinking above their heads
as soon as I walk up to them. 

So once again, 
I prepare to go out,
prepare to do battel with 
everyone who is going about their business
so casually,
so comfortably.

For them it’s easy-peasy.
They have no idea 
just how harrowing it is,
how exhausting it is,
every damn day.

This is written for http://thesundaymuse.blogspot.com/2021/04/sunday-muse-156.html.  

Don’t Confuse Me with the Facts

I have these preconceived
of the world
and how it works

But now and again
I come up against some
boulder, some road block that
I cannot get around

Like a bone
pulled from pudding
something that’s just not right
that doesn’t belong

Then I must choose
if I will alter my thoughts
or the world

This decision is
often harder
than you would think