Wordless Wednesday – Unexpected Beauty


A Walk in the Woods

a walk in the woods
is just a walk

Sometimes it is an exploration
of scientific discovery

Sometimes it is a search for beauty
a walk filled with wonder

Sometimes it is a renewal,
a refreshing of body and spirit

Sometimes it is a hero’s journey,
an archetypal quest

Sometimes it is a forgetting,
a dropping away of the world

Sometimes it is therapy;
sometimes a meditation, or a prayer

Perhaps, after all,
a walk in the woods
is never just a walk in the woods

NaPoWriMo #6

Why does your purse
have the letter “C”
all over it?
What does it signify to you?
And your lacquered nails
blunted, so you’re
not really dangerous,
what is their true cost?
And the high heel hobbles
you willingly wear
that restrict
everything you do,
why do you wear them?
And how many
bottles and tubes and powders
do you use
each morning
to hide your real self?
How much time
how much focus
how much energy
how much money do you take
away from
what really matters to you?
And what do you think
society is trying
to distract you from?


Come sit in the chair that sorrow built
and eat at its table

Take out your pain,
examine it up and down
then transform it
into something
of beauty
of value
of use

I’ve made an entire house of guilt
a village from my suffering.
And this is where I live