Letting the Neighbors Inspire Me

Like everyone I’ve been reading blogs.  There are quite a few that I found interesting, funny, depressing, serious, whack-a-doodle, exciting, pompous, and any number of other adjectives.  One that particularly interested me was by Miss Understood (gotta love that name).  See the link to her post below.  She writes haiku, but this particular post, “Smelt thoughts. Forge prose.” is about the process of writing (she focused on “therapeutic” writing) and how it can shape and define our thoughts and opinions.  She talked about different types of writing, and how much effort, editing and polishing we put into different pieces and how they serve different purposes.  She also discussed the differences of blogging vs. journaling privately.

This made me think.  Ouch. Ok, just kidding, sort of.  I went off on a bit of a tangent from the post I read, but that’s not a bad thing.  So here are a few of my thoughts on writing:

First off, I’m lazy and have a short attention span.  So if I’m writing for an audience, I think maybe they are too, and I try to keep my posts shortish.  I also tend to use humor or sarcasm because, 1. that’s my personality, 2. I think it’s an effective way to get a point across, 3. there is enough deadly serious stuff out there already, 4. when I take myself too seriously I think I sound like a pompous ass, 5. it’s more fun.

Next, when I start writing about something it forces me to think more deeply about the subject, and organize my thoughts.  I think back in the day, when public figures wrote essays about current events it informed both the reader and the writer.  And it worries me that today our politicians deal, not essays, but sound bites. Ten seconds and 140 characters are simply not enough.  And this is coming from me, the lazy one with the short attention span!

Finally, writing is a way of going deeper or farther or both.  And you can choose which you prefer to read and to write. How cool is that?

Thanks to Miss Understood for getting me thinking about this with her post:



Getting to Know the Neighbors

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!


In Blogging 101 we have been asked to get to know some of our neighbors.  Below are a few of the neighboring blogs and bloggers I’ve found particularly interesting and/or entertaining.  And you might like them too!

http://notavelociraptor.com/  Not a Velociraptor is about a woman who fosters dogs.

https://thewanderingfeline.wordpress.com/  The Wandering Feline is a beautiful travel blog.

https://thewordclown.wordpress.com/  The Word Clown is not funny, but thoughtful writing.

https://keepkaryn.wordpress.com/ Miss Understood (as if the name isn’t enough itself) is a blog of humoros Haiku.

These are new blogs to me, as we were assigned, but I also want to mention a blog I found one of our first days and really enjoyed.

https://runnerwithablog.wordpress.com/  Runner with a Blog is about running, but other stuff too, and written in a very engaging voice, and with some great photos too.

Have you ever had one of those days when you could really use something like this:


Well then, this is for you.  You’re welcome!

*Note: What with being away, then being back and trying to catch up on all the things that happened while I was away, I find that I seem to have fallen a little behind.  So, in an attempt to not get a big behind further behind I’m doing a short, sweet post today.


Well, today’s Blogging 101 assignment is to create a post for our ideal reader (but no pressure).  So, if you happen to be my ideal reader, you will think this little bit up here is terribly witty, and the poem below is moving or brilliant or any number of other positive adjectives. I’m not fussy.  And you would also work in the field of publishing, and want to pay me to publish this, along with some of my other work, in a real book (as opposed to a make-believe one).  Because even though all of us writer-types like to blog, we really want our words in real, paper and ink books. So, here that poem:

Vivian Maier Self Portrait

Self portrait by Vivian Maier

Generally when one tries to tinker
with eternity
it does not end well.
The stoutest knots
come undone,
and ends once again
flap loose.
But still there is this
for a sense of
grand purpose,
or at least a
reason to get up each morning,
to brush one’s teeth,
to wash,
to put on one’s  shoes,
and so on.
And in the meantime
one goes on,
for there are children to be fed
and dishes to be washed
and bills to be paid,
despite the
receding hallway filled
with an overflow of empty boxes
and failed attempts.
And sometimes,
amid the clutter and minutia,
without realizing it,
we get the lighting
and the composition right,
and just sometimes in our wake
we leave something

I Sit Writing This in the Kitchen Sink

Challenge: Use the first line of your favorite book and make it the first line of your post.

Disclaimer: “I sit writing this in the kitchen sink.”  is not the first line from my favorite book.  I’ve never read I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith, which is the book this first line is from.  But I certainly will now, because it’s such a great line.  In fact, I like it so much I’ve made it my tagline. The first line from my favorite book is, “Mrs. Dalloway said she would get the flowers herself.”  Now I love Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf,   but wouldn’t you rather write (and read) about sitting in the sink writing, rather than getting flowers?  I would.  So I really should start writing about writing sitting in the sink, rather than writing about writing about sitting in the sink writing.  Hmmm…probably not the best, as disclaimers go.


I sit writing this in the kitchen sink.  Why am I in the kitchen sink?  Well, there are any number of conditions under which that might be a reasonable place to write.  I can come up with five:

  1. There are scorpions on the kitchen floor.
  2. I have burned my bottom and am soaking it in cool water.
  3. The house is flooded and I am using my time productively as I wait for the water to recede.
  4. I’ve been drinking. A lot.
  5. I lost a bet.

So what other reasons would there be to, “Sit writing this in the kitchen sink”?

Now I could go on and do funny, sarcastic, heart-breaking or deathly serious little bits on each of these five reasons for sitting writing in the kitchen sink, but honestly I think you get the gist, and you’ve probably had enough of this by now anyway, right?  I thought so.  So I’ll close here.  You’re welcome.