Otis Waits

otis waits



Occasionally Otis smells bad
and at times he is rude in public.
He can be messy, oh yes…
But he never
holds a grudge.
He is honest, guileless
and kind
faithful and
filled with faith
in me.
He is brave and funny,
a born optimist.
My dog is a better person
than any of us.

DSC07365 (2)

-Photo by Mary Bach

Meet Otis

Meet Otis

By Mary Bach

This is my dapper, little Jack Russel Terrier, Otis.  He’s wearing goggles because he’s nearly blind, but his pupils don’t constrict and the vet thought bright sun might be uncomfortable for him.  The coat is because it’s about -10 F, and red is so jaunty!