NaPoWriMo – Day #10

Good Friday

I have always thought it strange
that the day humanity
should be called, “good”

If one is a believer
doesn’t it
make more sense
to call Easter
Good Sunday?

Or is it “good”
that God is dead?
For he was on that day.
Must humanity
always kill its gods?

Asking for a friend

A day late, but not a word short for FF55 at Verse Escape



Brownian Motion

Red Oak pollen from the Department of Environmental Conservation

Organisms move
in a seemingly random dance
and people in our lives
enter and leave
at unknown intervals

There is a day
when leaves begin to turn
and geese fill the sky
with their southerly dance
and the sun bows down
ever earlier

Blind and deaf,
we do not see
the pattern of the steps
or hear the music
but only feel its beat
reverberating through our bodies

This is for the Imaginary Garden, where Bjorn asked us to write something about Brownian Motion, which he explained  as, “which is the random motion of particles suspended in a fluid that can be observed through a microscope.”

God’s Kitchen

mag 162 yerka jacek_mind fields_between heaven and hell
Image by Jacek Yerka, Between Heaven and Hell

I have always imagined God as a woman;
and though She is timeless,
She looks to be
(to me)
in her middle-sixties.

I picture Her with
short, salt and pepper hair
and sparkling eyes –
not unlike my undergraduate adviser
Margaret Odegard,
who would throw back her head
and laugh a magnificent laugh if she knew.
(And so would God, because
I’m quite sure She has
an outstanding sense of humor.)

Though God does not wear tweed, like Dr. O.
In my mind She dresses in sunbeams, starlight,
clouds, hemp and linen.
And sensible shoes.
God did NOT create high heels.

And most assuredly God would have a cat in Her kitchen.
And rows and rows of pots and crocks and jars
filled with darkness and light and creeping things,
and baskets of stars,
and bushels of peaches,
and a huge stoppered bottle
full of annoying people,
and another with mosquitoes
and large bin of dinosaurs and sea monsters
all mixed up together.

Then She created the Earth and saw that it was good.
But She knew She could do better…
particularly if She went easier on
the obnoxious people and the mosquitoes;
so She keeps trying.

And in spite of Genesis,
I think God spends
every Sunday afternoon
cooking up new worlds.
So that’s where She can be found,
in Her wonderfully cluttered kitchen.

And by the way, you’re always welcome in
for a chat and a cuppa.’