13. Author

You aim to alter time and space
through magic in the written word,
with worlds and souls and ages stirred,
then leave the stage without a trace.

So turn the wheel into strife
and be prepared to stretch your ken
beyond the simple minds of men
when inking corpses back to life.

The Matriarchs’ Charm

Take hungry grins full of spittle
place sticky, beating hearts in the middle
and twine with salt and pepper hair
through endless days and nights laid bare
Add pebble, bone, root and feather
then wrap in tales and bind together
Wipe your brow and bow your head
spill blood upon the marriage bed
Now cross yourself – once, twice, thrice
and you become the sacrifice

This is for the Imaginary Garden for Real Toads where we were challenged to write a charm in ten lines or less.