Kitten Update – Names


Thank you for the suggestions.  My (local) writing group met at my house and were playing with the kittens (we are a very serious and hardworking group) I was explaining that was teetering between Mooney and Leif for the second kitten’s name. Then one of the group said, Well, if you have Harvey then the other hast to be Wallbanger.”  And that’s all there was to it.

So, I’m please to introduce Harvey and Wally!

(Harvey is on the ground, with the white feet.  Wally is sitting, looking on.)


Kitten Update!


Harvey has now been joined by his brother, who is unnamed as yet.  They are both doing well – eating, playing, and getting used to humans.  Harvey was named that because he was found on the night of the full Harvest Moon.  Since the mom is called Maple, one suggestion for the other brother was Syrup.  I’m not sure about Syr as a nickname though.  Anyone have any other suggestions?

NaPoWriMo #4

Is there a word for
that feeling
in the back of the throat
a heaviness,
a contraction;
or the prickling feeling
around the eyes
just before they
rim with unshed tears,
that comes when
something so lovely
and so sad
What word encompasses
those visceral reactions
to one’s psyche?
Descartes, what were you thinking?