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Photo by Caroline Knopf

I have questions
without any answers
Big Questions
and little ones too

Knowing only 
I am full
brimming with light
I am empty
gathering shadows
I am whole
resting in you

I have questions
without any answers
Big Questions
and little ones too

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Dream by Jacek Yerka

Dream by Jacek Yerka

The river
is always rising,
carrying me somewhere
I cannot yet see.

I float on
looking for the farther shore
but somehow I slip past everything
I know,
out to an ocean
as dark and smooth as oil.

Unfamiliar stars turn above
and beneath me.
The out-of-phase moon
throws her light before me
the edge of the Earth.
I try to paddle back
against the tide
losing a little
with each stroke.

All my nightmares
now sail
along with me

The clocks have all lost their numbers;
why do we always think we have time?

Written for Magpie Tales creative writing group.


skies press down
with the weight of water

blinded and
betrayed by time

and salted
preserved, we thought

like a pearl of great price
lamented, but unfound

so far
my ribs
no longer know
one another other

   Photo by Tess Kincaid: Merchant Seafarers' War Memorial, Cardiff

Photo by Tess Kincaid: Merchant Seafarers’ War Memorial, Cardiff

Dylanw is a Celtic god of the sea.
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