The hills call siren-like and steep.
Two children share a wooden sled,
new snow is beckoning and deep,
the hills call siren-like and steep.
They landed in a shattered heap,
too fast to suffer, it was said.

The hills called siren-like and steep.
Two children shared a wooden sled.


Well, this started out to be a quadrille (44 words) including the word “steep” to link to dVerse Poets’ Pub, but somehow it turned into a dark triolet.  Theat’s an eight line, iambic tetrameter poem with the rhyme scheme: ABaAabAB, where capital letters indicate repeated lines.  I haven’t written one of these in ages.


13. Author

You aim to alter time and space
through magic in the written word,
with worlds and souls and ages stirred,
then leave the stage without a trace.

So turn the wheel into strife
and be prepared to stretch your ken
beyond the simple minds of men
when inking corpses back to life.


start with
nicotine and ketamine
stained fingers
strained relations
what’s a girl to do?

stumble through
the second scene
don’t forget your Dramamine
tread water
march in place
trim the sails
check the sales
and the fails

then acetylene and gasoline
always finish strong

Running behind the 30 Days / 30 Poems deal.