Looking Down

Walking up the hill
I stop to notice
long, shallow trenches
exposed after the snow melt
I imagine mice running
through ice tunnels
protected from wind
and predators
in their winter labyrinth
But now
their secrets are laid bare
under a shimmering
unforgiving sun

This is a Quadrills (44 words) including “shimmer” for Victoria at dVerse.  And it is inspired by nature for Margaret at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.  Thank you both for the writing prompts and the space to post. There’s day 4 done and dusted. Phew!

Grandma’s Kitchen

Grandma’s kitchen
was not tidy or spotless
the linoleum was worn
and the cabinets had seen better days

but Grandma’s kitchen
smelled of Heaven-
of fresh baked bread
and safety
and story books
with happy endings.

Grandma’s kitchen
always held some special treasure:
shining jars of red currant jelly
iridescent blue feathers
a speckled stone,
or even a cardboard box
full of kittens.

But best of all in
Grandma’s kitchen
was Grandma and Grandpa

This was written in response to a prompt from Karin over at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.  She asked us to try just writing, nomaterwhat, for seven minutes.  The take whatever we have from that and work with it.  This is a technique for helping get through writers’ block.  Click on the link and check out what others have written.

Night Tones

Dark walls of water
and sea-foam lace
reach up for a moon pinned impossibly high,
while the woods settle in
to the bed of the earth
with a shrug and a yawn and a sigh.
Then you lean into me
as I reach out for you
and we bid all the specters good bye,
at the edge of a world
where the nightmares are curled
and the stars fall away from the sky.

Originally written for the Imaginary Garden.