NaPoWriMo – Day #9

This is just a bit of foolishness in a time of grave issues and serious problems.

There’s pandemonium at the zoo
in streets and at the school –
all over!

Large yellow llamas have clipped
across the street
stopping traffic, standing
withers to withers in protest.
They have been fleeced
and want sweaters and scarves
as recompense.
Next, they will march
on the yarn and craft shops.

The tigers have busted out too.
They’re capturing circus folk
and audience members
with their bare paws –
or rather tiger paws.
These tigers are a cagey lot,
putting the people behind bars
and training them
to balance on balls
and jump through flaming hoops.
And every night the tigers
throw raw tofu through the bars
to feed their captives.

The school has been flooded
and taken over by flounders.
They insist on
an education to prepare them
for the future.
They have chased
the students away
and put the teachers
into glass tanks
in the back of the rooms
for the fish to observe and care for.
They hope to teach responsibility
to the fish students
by caring for the teacher-pets.

The pandas are out too.
Fed up with a black and white existence
they want more colorful lives.
So the pandas have collected dye
and are jumping, rolling,
and generally cavorting through
vats of all colors.
When they’re finished,
they’re going to the courthouse
to take over.
They will be bear police
bear judges, and bear lawyers.
Because pandas know
the world is not all black and white.

There’s pandemonium at the zoo
in streets and at the school –
all over!


Noble Dog

Oh dog,

so noble,

out there eating

your own poop

outwitted by cat and bird and squirrel

Oh dog,

so valiant,

frightened by

your shadow, the cat, and thunder

Oh dog,

so hungry,

eating a box of tissues,

most of a couch cushion

and my cell phone

Oh dog,

so sweet,

still a lap dog

at 80 pounds,

licking my face adoringly,

I wouldn’t want you any other way.

(except maybe for the poop eating part)

NaPoWriMo #26

It feels like I’m just sitting
in my chair, typing
and drinking coffee,
but actually I’m spinning
almost 1000 miles an hour,
and travelling through space
on this biggish rock
we call Earth
at about 18 miles per second
Isn’t that remarkable?

And is it any wonder
I’m exhausted
at the end of the day?


Spring is trying to reform.
She’s been such a cold bitch
even the crows are pissed off.
But just when we think she’s
going to turn over a new leaf
who should come along
but Snow White.

Actually, it wasn’t so bad in my little corner of Wisconsin today. That’s what’cha for being behind with writing.