Come sit in the chair that sorrow built
and eat at its table

Take out your pain,
examine it up and down
then transform it
into something
of beauty
of value
of use

I’ve made an entire house of guilt
a village from my suffering.
And this is where I live

Sevenling (Deep Chocolate Bass)

Artist: Claudia Schoenfeld   Used with Permission


Deep chocolate bass
strawberry studded percussion
with creamy vanilla coronet

Romulus, Remus and I
We were just fiddling around,
working on our Neapolitan jam

Who let the dogs in?


This is a little fun for dVerse Poets Pub.  Click on the link and check it out.


Statues by Jason deCaires Taylor

Poets are not afraid to drown. -Janet Frame

From little on we are
rocked in cradles
on waves,
pulled back and forth
by sun and moon
As we go deeper
we do not fear,
though we are ruined
we do not fear,
through countless days and nights
poets are not afraid to drown

“Who I Am and Why I’m Here”

“I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult.”  ― E.B. White

I’m not often successful at either of these, but that’s my idea of a perfect day.

I have a thing for words.  I’ve always wanted to write The Great American Novel but my attention span doesn’t seem to last longer than a single page, so mostly I write poetry.  I’m funny; but my writing is often not (though, sometimes it’s funny when I don’t mean it to be, but I digress).  I adore language and word-play, though the only languages I know are English, Sarcasm and a smattering of Double-Speak.   I have a thing for the words of others too, so I will occasionally post quotes that strike my fancy.

They (Who are the infamous “they” anyway?) say a picture is worth a thousand words, so it’s not surprising that I have a thing for pictures too.  I am fortunate to live in a lovely, somewhat isolated area, and also have the opportunity to travel now and again.  Thanks to this and a household with pets I have no shortage of photo ops.   My camera is cheap and simple, the kind that fits in my pocket so it’s (almost) always there when I want it.  I do hope to learn more about photography though, and maybe even move up to a real, grown-up camera eventually.

A painting is a picture too (well, that’s an awkward transition) and recently I have been trying my hand at that, and some other artsy-fartsy stuff too.  (In this context artsy-fartsy is defined as painting, drawing, pottery, glass work, batik and jewelry making.)  I’ll have some of those processes and results posted here as well.

So, in my blog you will find poetry, humor, quotations, photography and some other art work as well

Now, just fyi, here are 10 totally random and mostly pointless things about me: (not in order of importance)

-I can quack like a duck.

-I collect quotes, just because.

-I am working on becoming more confident.

-Doctor Who is my hero, and I have an almost-life-sized TARDIS in my sun room.

-I’m a nerd, but not good enough with computers to be a geek (I don’t suppose this comes as much of a surprise after reading the previous random thing).

-I really try not to take life too seriously.

-I think everything sounds better when said with an English (or other GB) accent.

-I am left handed.  Very left handed.

-Sometimes I am overwhelmed by words.

-Occasionally I stop and wonder, “What would a normal person do in this situation.”

I’d love some companions to exchange words with, so I hope you join me for some laughs, pics and thoughts, from a slightly skewed view.