Come sit in the chair that sorrow built
and eat at its table

Take out your pain,
examine it up and down
then transform it
into something
of beauty
of value
of use

I’ve made an entire house of guilt
a village from my suffering.
And this is where I live

Sevenling (Deep Chocolate Bass)

Artist: Claudia Schoenfeld   Used with Permission


Deep chocolate bass
strawberry studded percussion
with creamy vanilla coronet

Romulus, Remus and I
We were just fiddling around,
working on our Neapolitan jam

Who let the dogs in?


This is a little fun for dVerse Poets Pub.  Click on the link and check it out.


Statues by Jason deCaires Taylor

Poets are not afraid to drown. -Janet Frame

From little on we are
rocked in cradles
on waves,
pulled back and forth
by sun and moon
As we go deeper
we do not fear,
though we are ruined
we do not fear,
through countless days and nights
poets are not afraid to drown