And Yet…

atonement letter

“… inspiration stalks us / through gloom” –Hilda Doolittle

Our lives are spent
chasing dark, smoky dreams
that end in
compromised alleys
filled with expired promises
that hang
for a moment,
then dissipate in
the fading light
of another lost day
Raw, indifferent winds
blow crumpled
wisps of paper
with our secret antidote:

Tenuous, transitory
and yet we

These 55 words are for Kerry and the rest of the Toads in the Imaginary Garden.  It is also linked to Magpie Tales where Tess provided picture “Atonement Letter.”  Click on the links and check both of them out.


Occasionally Otis smells bad
and at times he is rude in public.
He can be messy, oh yes…
But he never
holds a grudge.
He is honest, guileless
and kind
faithful and
filled with faith
in me.
He is brave and funny,
a born optimist.
My dog is a better person
than any of us.

DSC07365 (2)

-Photo by Mary Bach

Grand Finale

The November temple is empty
the sacrifice finished.
Leaves scatter in the wind;
branches snap
like dry bones
of an unearthed skeleton.

The hole
in my graveyard chest
is empty
and black birds pick
at the pearls
which were my eyes.
Houdini’s midnight cape
settles with a flourish.
The show is over.

Friday 55

I miss you most on Fridays
when the weekend promises
us redemption, or escape –
whichever we are
more in need of
I miss you most on Fridays
when I sit down to write
in the early-morning dark of fall
with coffee, doughnuts
and not much to say
I miss you most on Fridays,
like today