Noble Dog

Oh dog,

so noble,

out there eating

your own poop

outwitted by cat and bird and squirrel

Oh dog,

so valiant,

frightened by

your shadow, the cat, and thunder

Oh dog,

so hungry,

eating a box of tissues,

most of a couch cushion

and my cell phone

Oh dog,

so sweet,

still a lap dog

at 80 pounds,

licking my face adoringly,

I wouldn’t want you any other way.

(except maybe for the poop eating part)

Enough Yet?

9 – Dayton, OH
20 – El Paso, TX
4 – Gilroy, CA
13 – Virginia Beach, VA
1 – Highlands Ranch, CO
2 – Charlotte, NC
1 – Poway, CA
6 – Aurora, IL
2 – Huston, TX
5 – Ascension Parish and Livingston Parish, LA
5 – Sebring, FL

*Source: Wikipedia, Mass Shootings in U.S. by year

Please note, several of these “mass shootings” resulted in only one death, but were included in the list due to the multiple casualties incurred.  I have only listed the dead.

Consumed, #2

We are consumed by
want, by greed.
Consuming has become
the yardstick
to measure our shiny, plastic
We make more
to consume more,
until we find someone
who will make more for less.
Then we consume that
but no longer

We forgot the first word
in GNP is
and consumption
is a sickness.


Today is Amazon Prime day. Yay consumerism.


Today we constantly consume
to try and sate our avarice,
although it bears our future doom.
Today we constantly consume
while spirits fade, cadaverous.
Today we constantly consume
to try and sate our avarice.