Hope – 55

Does hope really
have feathers?

Or is it green
and vulnerable
up from the ground?

Or is it a tiny speck of light
like the occasional spot
in a photograph
not visible
through the lens
but there on the image

Or is hope a dark
insubstantial thing
following like a shadow
hunting you down


55 words for Hedgewitch who carries on the proud tradition at Verse Escape.

Of Crones and Wolves – The Sunday Muse


I have two responses to this wonderful image by  by Sarolta Ban posted on The Sunday Muse a weekly photo prompt site for writers, poets, and blogging enthusiasts.


Women Who Run with the Wolves, the Later Years


The woodsman did not
save Grandmother
from the wolf

Crones and wolves
have always been

When you think
of treachery and carnage
remember who wields the ax
and who tells the tale

Histories written by victors
always require scrutiny.

Ask around, look beyond
peek behind the curtain
see the other side

What you find
might well surprise you