Photo by Mary Bach

There is a certain beauty
in decay
in shadows
in fragile and impermanent things

Summer fades into autumn
and autumn races toward death

I watch, spellbound


Linked to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads open platform every Tuesday, where there are some amazing writers.

17 thoughts on “Transient

  1. Lots of beauty, Mary. Beautiful shorty poem here.
    I had a friend, now deceased, a retired pastor. When he would visit sick friends, church members and others in hospitals and other institutions , his visit would be noted by a bouquet of dead flowers or plants.
    He saw beauty, most did also. Could be a little morbid for a dying person, I think he used discretion.

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    • Thank you for visiting my old car poem, Mary. No, I am not skillful with the aesthetics of automobile restoration. I belong to the Montgomery Country (Texas) Early Ford V8 Car club. We sponsored a state meeting one year, the ‘Red 48-50 Ford pickups were very popular, favorite color followed by black for that year.
      The members qualifying cars must be Ford Motor Products from the years 1932 through 1953. In car lingo, those were in the years of V8’s but Ford hadn’t used overhead valve technology in cars until 1954, trucks and six cylinder cars in 1953. We had almost 100 of those old cars in attendance. Mine then was a black 1950 Ford Tudor, mostly all original. (TMI here, but …)

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